VAT Refund Services

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Intro About VAT Refund

VAT Refund refers to the procedure that enables businesses or tourists to recuperate the VAT they’ve paid on purchases made within the country. This opportunity extends to foreign businesses and tourists who aren’t VAT registered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or other countries. To receive a VAT refund, certain criteria and procedural steps must be followed.

For eligibility, the purchaser must be a non-resident who is not VAT registered in the UAE or other countries. Additionally, the purchased goods or services should be intended for personal use or central to the business’s operations.

Tourists are required to spend a minimum of AED 250 to qualify for a VAT refund, and they must export the purchased goods within 90 days from the date of purchase. The maximum VAT refund amount that a tourist can claim is capped at AED 35,000.

The Ultimate Guide to VAT Refund Options for Tourists and Businesses

In the UAE, obtaining a VAT refund is streamlined with specific procedures tailored for tourists and businesses:

  1. Tourist Refund Scheme: The UAE offers a tourist refund scheme that allows non-residents to claim a VAT refund on purchases made during their stay. This applies to goods that are taken out of the country within 90 days from the date of purchase. Tourists can obtain the necessary paperwork from retailers who are registered under the ‘Tax Refund for Tourists Scheme’ and submit them at designated refund points located in major airports and border crossings.
  2. Business Refund Procedures: For businesses not established in the UAE but who have incurred VAT, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) provides a mechanism to reclaim this VAT. Businesses must submit a refund application through the FTA’s official portal, detailing their VAT expenses and providing necessary documentation.
  3. Online Refund Services: The UAE’s Federal Tax Authority (FTA) offers an online system for both tourists and businesses to apply for VAT refunds. This digital approach simplifies the submission and processing of required documents.
  4. Retailer Schemes: Certain major retailers and shopping centers in the UAE provide instant VAT refund facilities at the point of sale for tourists, enabling immediate processing of VAT refunds.
  5. VAT Refund Agencies: Several professional agencies operate within the UAE to assist both tourists and businesses in managing the VAT refund process. These agencies handle the necessary documentation and interactions with tax authorities in exchange for a service fee.
  6. Customs Validation: When leaving the UAE, tourists must present their purchases along with completed VAT refund documents at customs for validation. This step is crucial for the refund to be processed.

For more detailed information and to access official forms and guidelines, please visit the UAE’s Federal Tax Authority’s official website at FTA’s official website. This resource is essential for anyone looking to understand and utilize VAT refund services in the UAE.

Key Documents to Facilitate Your VAT Refund Process in the UAE

When applying for VAT refund services in the UAE, several key documents are required to support your claim. Whether you’re a tourist or a business, it’s essential to prepare and submit the correct documentation to ensure a smooth refund process. Here are the primary documents needed:

  1. Original Tax Invoices: You must provide original tax invoices for all purchases for which you are claiming a VAT refund. The invoices should clearly display the VAT amount and the tax registration number of the supplier.
  2. Proof of Export: For tourists, proof that the goods have been exported out of the UAE within 90 days from the date of purchase is required. This can typically be shown with customs stamps or export documents.
  3. Passport or Travel Documents: Tourists need to provide a copy of their passport or travel documents showing their identity and travel dates.
  4. Entry and Exit Stamps: Tourists should also provide proof of entry and exit stamps in their passport, which verify their non-resident status during the time of purchase.
  5. Credit Card or Bank Statements: For refund claims processed through electronic methods or credited directly to bank accounts, copies of credit card or bank statements may be required to prove the purchase and facilitate the refund.
  6. Refund Forms: Some refund schemes require the completion of specific VAT refund forms, available at points of purchase or at designated refund centers.
  7. Flight Tickets: For tourists, copies of flight tickets may be necessary to prove the date of departure and the route taken out of the UAE.

VAT Refund Services by CBM Consultants

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